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Willard Eugene Anderson

Willard Anderson passed away on December 27, 2017. He will be missed.

After high school graduation, I attended Huron College and graduated magna cum laude with a double major in mathematics and chemistry in 1955. I was fortunate to arrange an interview with Honeywell, which led to my being hired by their Corporate Research Center in Minneapolis.

Sensing that I needed a graduate degree in this work, I left Honeywell after a year and attended graduate school at South Dakota State University (SDSU) in Brookings. When my thesis advisor left to take work at the University of Mississippi, I followed. I had met Frances Miller of Redfield, SD at SDSU, and we were married in August 1959. I did not complete my graduate studies and I returned to work at Honeywell in Minneapolis.

I have been active in my community of Lauderdale, MN serving as President of Lauderdale Civic Club, zoning administrator, councilman, and mayor. I served as Chairman of the Greater TWin Cities Area Chapter of the SDSU Alumni Association for almost 15 years. In 1985 Frances and I divorced with no children.

I retired at Honeywell in 1989 after 30 years of service in research and development. I thoroughly enjoyed working on various projects involving geophysics, oceanography, atmosphere physics, space physics, and general physics, and interacting with the US Department of Defense units, NASA and many others.

I now stay busy with my hobbies which include studying physics, helping others, rebuilding my garage and house, and tinkering with old cars and clocks. I just completed a book on retrofitting an automobile with a different carburetor for a friend. I am currently enjoying a nostalgic journey to my younger days when I had long, curly hair. With shoulder length, curly tresses, I now enjoy lady friends playing with my hair. It's a tough life, but someone has to live it!

Address: 2418 Ione Street

Lauderdale, MN 55113-5261

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