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Here is where you'll find the Class of '51, listed in alphabetical order using the names found in our yearbook. The icons beside each listing indicate what information has been added beyond the 1951 class photo.

submitted info   Indicates that the alumnus has submitted current information.
submitted photo   Indicates that the alumnus has submitted a current photograph.

Allen (Boyer), Carol Etta    (1933-2006)    submitted info submitted photo

Allen (Heller), Eva

Allen (DeHaven), Jackie

Amacher (Carr), Hazel   (1933-2016)    submitted info submitted photo

Anderson, Keith E.    (1933-2002)

Anderson, Willard Eugene    (1933-2017)    submitted info submitted photo

Arndt, Jim A.

Baker, Lyle Cecil    (1933-2022)

Banko (Swoda), Janet    (1933-1997)1

Bartholow, Roger    (1933-2011)

Baseman (Wanner), Eleanor

Beutner (Backlund), Vivian M.    (1933-2002)

Boone (O'Cain), Donna

Borah, Lois    (1931-2010)

Borah (Marking), Norma    submitted info submitted photo    (1933-2022)

Boyd, Don    (1932-2001)

Buck, Jim    (1933-2017)    submitted info submitted photo

Chase (Nichols), Wilma

Christensen (Felsburg), VerDella Marie    (1933-2001)

Cleveland, David    (1933-2022)

Collins (Andersen), Marlene    submitted info submitted photo

Cowing (Levi), Wanda

Daniel, Clarence    (1933-2015)

Deist (Oravec), Barbara

Dynes, Terry   (1934-2011)   submitted info submitted photo

Ehrich (Churchill), Marlene M.

Fingerson, Ronald L.   (1933-2022)    submitted info submitted photo

Gamber (Gilbert), Joan

Gardner, John    (1933-1966)1

Geiger (Kingery), Joyce    (1933-2021)

Gleason (Schaefers), Lila L.    (1933-1984)1

Golubickas (Johnson), Verdis

Gross (Diede), Arlene

Gross (Schreibvogel), Esther    (1933-2011)1

Habel (Zacheis), Barbara    submitted info submitted photo

Hansen, Carol Ann    (1933-1994)1

Heavirland, Philip A.

Heckenliable, Harvey    (1932-1976)1

Hetlinger, John    submitted info submitted photo

Hofer, Floyd    (1932-1986)1

Ibis, Clifford    (1933-2003)1

Irving (Curley), Beverly

Jacoby, Gene    (1933-2016)1

Johannes (Heald), Shirley Jean

Johnson, Harlan R.    (1933-1958)1

Johnson (Koth), Shirley Lorraine

Johnston, Margaret

Karstens (Niffenegger), Marlene    (1933-2015)

Kauth, Richard J.    (1933-2019)  submitted info

Kiel (Hockett), Kathryn Ann    (1933-2019)

Kludt (Wormstadt), Beverly Jean   (1933-2012)   submitted info submitted photo

Knouse (Thaden), Rosemary    (1933-2005)1

Kruse, William D.   (1933-2017)   submitted info submitted photo

Lemmer, William

Linderman (Whitney), Norma    (1933-2014)

Link (Campbell), Marjorie

Mann (Hutchinson), Darlene    submitted info submitted photo

Markey, Harold W.    submitted info submitted photo

Marone (Olson), Betty Lou     (1931-2018)  submitted info submitted photo

Marone (Kuhl), Jacqueline Mae    submitted info

McDonald, Wayne    (1933-1992)1

Mentzel, Harlan    (1933-2015)

Moser (Herder), Mary Evelyn

Mueller (Nielsen), Lois    (1933-2014)

Nelson (Rollings), Marilyn June

O'Halloran (Rock), Sally

Olson, Robert A.    (1933-2021) submitted info submitted photo

Ostrander (Stults), Jo Ann    (1933-2008)1

Paye (Pevestorf), Carol

Peters, June

Piper (Davis), Macy

Poulisse (Rounds), Marvilla

Randell (Culver), LaJune   (1933-2013)

Reinartz (Rounds), Joyce M.    (1933-1987)1

Ritchey (McDowell), Margaret Lillian

Sauer, John    (1933-1997)1

Shepersky, Richard    (1933-1983)1

Smith (Eddy), Janis    submitted info submitted photo

Smith (Mann), Stephanie    submitted info submitted photo

Snow (Venables), Cleo Ann   (1933-2012)   submitted info submitted photo

Stam (Crenshaw), Roseann

Swett (Shultz), Frankie Joan

Timm (Dechow), Joy Joan

Trebian, John J.

Tschetter (Hofer), Dianna May  (1933-2020)

Tschetter (Kleinsasser), Wanda Mae

Van Tour (Klinger), Jackie    (1933-2011)

Venables, J. Courtney    (1933-2001)

Waldner (Keller), Dorothy Marie

Wangsness, Francis    (1933-1960)1

Wegener, Leroy    (1932-1994)1

Wells (Irwin), Juanda R.

Honorary Classmates are former classmates who have made contributions to the Class of '51 activities in recent years, or who have retained an active interest and friendship with the Class of '51 members, or who have ordered a copy of the 50th Reunion Booklet. This group received special notice at the 50th Reunion and by unanimous vote of the attendees they were inducted as Honorary Members of the HHS Class of '51 in Huron, SD on September 15, 2001.

Cleveland, David

Hoaglund (Arthur), Donna

Katz (Stoppelmoor), Dolores

Kingery, Paul

LaFee (Royer), Viola

Marso (Cranston), Beverly

Meierbachtol, Cal

Muilenburg (Swanson), Phyllis

Murphy, Phillip    (1933-2011)1

Nielsen, Maurice    (1933-2009)1   submitted photo

Oliva (Meierbachtol), Corrine

Olson (Morley), Martha    submitted info submitted photo

Plate, Ronald

Smalley (Huisenga), Norma

Former classmates:

Aleson, Betty

Armstrong, Keith

Brun, Nick

Brush (Boomsma), Bonnie    (1933-1998)1

Champlin, Robert

Clarambeau (Gahl), Avis    (1933-1997)1

Danforth, Doraine

Davidson, Darlene

Davis, Charlotte

Decker, Beulah

Dickinson, Janet

Eid, Marvin

Erickson, LeRoy

Friese (Goethel), Delores

Graham, Richard    (1933-1978)1

Ibis (Wantoch), Loretta

Johnson (McMahon), Nancy

Lyman (Mayberry), Shirley

Munkirs, Robert    (1933-1964)1

Neiffer (Maher), Alvina

Ondricek, Myron    (1933-2004)

O'Neal (Sprague), Iris

Peterson (Whitney), Bonita    (1933-1991)1

Reintsma, Bernice

Rice (Flanagan), Georgia

Rohrer, Curtis

Stanfield (Peterson), Edith

Thedorff, Jim

Timm (Walker), Ida Mae    (1933-1994)1

Vilhauer (Mattke), Leona

Wessel, Dale    (1933-1982)1

Wheeler (Moeding), Alice

1 Please help us with additions or corrections on all information presented above. Thank you.

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