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Ronald L. Fingerson

After high school, I enlisted in the Navy and served aboard two aircraft carriers, USS Oriskany and USS Kearsarge, visiting Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, the Phillipines, and Singapore.

After the Navy, I earned four degrees: BA and MFA (English) U Iowa, MA (Library Management) U Minnesota, and PhD (Education) Kansas State U. I taught Library and Information Management in three graduate schools: U Iowa, U Missouri and Emporia State U, and English (literature and writing) in two undergraduate schools: Buena Vista U and Metropolitan Community College (Omaha).

Following retirement (1995), I learned to play duplicate bridge and have published two collections of my bridge poems: "In Duplicate And Other Poems" and "Out Of Sorts And Other Poems".

I have two sons, Michael and Paul, a daughter, Linda, a grandson, Jeff, and a granddaughter, Miranda.

Address: 13220 Larimore Avenue, Apt 160

Omaha, NE 68164



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Huron Sonnets

Original poetry from Ronald Fingerson about his experiences during his HHS years:


That single length of track, two rails of steel
on wood beams, fifty yards long, twenty tears
high, each tie a heartbeat, amplified our fears
we'd hear a freight train, steel on steel squeal.

Cautious, tie by tie, toe heel toe heel, we
stepped our fears across that wood-steel span:
west east, east west, to from our unmanned
private retreat, Ravine Lake clique, dues-free.

Once across, amidst rocks and dry cow pies,
we stripped naked and dived into the cold
water: swimming, splashing, laughing, bold
and carefree, naked guys under naked skies.

Later, we sun-dried on the sun-browned grass:
backs, chests, and faces, sun-baked first-class.


Pinboys, we set pins for four teams, five men
each, at Red's Bowling Alley; each bowler had
three games, thirty frames, to feel great or sad:
splits, seven-ten, spares, nine ten, strikes, all ten.

Pinboys, we dodged flying pins, two lanes each,
returned balls, racked and reset the pins, alert
for ball two whose quick throw targeted us, hurt;
to hurt back, we rack-greased one hole each.

Pinboys, we set pins on school nights, seven
to eleven; teach-learn homework: theorems,
Latin verbs, sentence diagrams, who when
what why how were short-on-time problems.

Pinboys, we spent our gains on bubble gum,
comic books, poker, bits-o-honey -- awesome.


Thirteen, I squeezed Holstein udders near five,
dodged splattering cow pies and swishing tails,
separated the milk and cream, washed the pails,
shielded my eyes, and watched the sun arrive.

Eighteen, O Dairy sealed the milk and cream
in glass and sent me, house-to-house, to please
the ladies, after five, before sunup; please tease
the old in out, and the new out in; be a dream.

The Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Shepherds
were hardest to please; I used my wagging
tail routine: tongue out, sitting up, licking
faces, and honeying them with cheese curds.

After five, I ate devil's food cake with angel
ice cream, mom-made, my self-serve wangle.