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2006 Palm Springs Mini-Reunion

A mini-reunion of members of the Class of '50 and the Class of '51 from Huron High School was held in Palm Springs, CA on April 6-9, 2006. Socializing with former classmates was the main attraction, but visits to local stage presentations and shops also captivated the attendees. Darlene (Arndt) Cumming was our hostess for this mini-reunion. Thank you, Darlene!

BACK 2 ROWS (L to R): Jane (Nielsen) Sanderson, Eva (Allen) Heller, Shirley (Walker) Dynes, Goldie (Wells) Markey, Bill Kruse, Terry Dynes, Gene Jacoby, Bob and Nell (Bowden) Olson, Bill Markey, Sally O'Halleron and her husband, Dorothy (Davies) Carson and her husband Duane, Bev (Marso) Cranston

FRONT ROW (L to R): Pooch (the dog), Darlene (Arndt) Cumming, Elaine Skinner

(L to R): Bob Olson, Jim Arndt, Bill Markey

Some other photos of the activities are shown below.

Standing, left to right: Dorothy (Davies) Carson, Duane Carson, Shirley (Walker) Dynes, Goldie (Wells) Markey, Terry Dynes, Sally O'Halloran.

Seated, left to right: Jane (Neilsen) Sanderson, Beverly (Marso) Cranston

Seated, left to right: Eva (Allen) Heller, Jane (Neilsen) Sanderson, Beverly (Marso) Cranston.

Standing, Shirley (Walker) Dynes

Standing, left to right: Goldie (Wells) Markey, Dorothy (Davies) Carson, Duane Carson, Shirley (Walker) Dynes, Terry Dynes, Beverly (Marso) Cranston, Jane (Neilsen) Sanderson

Seated, Eva (Allen) Heller

Standing, left to right: Shirley (Walker) Dynes, Goldie (Wells) Markey, Terry Dynes, Sally O'Halloran.

Seated, Jane (Neilsen) Sanderson, Beverly (Marso) Cranston

2004 Phoenix Mini-Reunion

A small group of HHS Class of '51 alumni convened in Phoenix on January 22-25, 2004 to become reacquainted and exchange remembrances and tall tales. Attendees were:

Marlene (Collins) and Mal Anderson
Hazel (Amacher) and Charlie Carr
Terry and Shirley Dynes
Kay (Kiel) Hockett
Verdis (Golubickas) Johnson
Jackie (VanTour) Klinger
Bill and Judy McKenna Kruse
Bill and Goldie Markey
Marlene (Karstens) Niffenegger
Bob and Nell Olson
Dolores (Katz) Stopplemoor
Cleo (Snow) and Larry Venables

Verdis got lost trying to find Chuck and Hazel Carr's home on Thursday and Hazel had the Sheriff's posse involved trying to find her. Verdis smartly took a motel that evening after being misdirected too often, and she showed up at the Carr's Friday morning with help from the Sheriff. Dolores Stopplemoor and Bill and Judy Kruse arrived Thursday at the Carr's also, and they shared in the hand wringing until Friday morning when Verdis arrived safe and sound. The Kruses had pulled their house trailer from home and accepted the Carr's fine hospitality to park and reside there for the gathering.

On Friday, everyone met at the Olson's grand, new home with a swimming pool and a putting green. It was Bill Markey's birthday and an ice cream birthday cake was popular. For some, it was surprising to not recognize many of their former classmates, but the stories and conversations had everyone in the best of mood, laughing and enjoying everything very much.

On Saturday afternoon, the Carr's hosted the group with drinks, a hot dish and dessert in Sun City. The party continued in high gear.

On Sunday afternoon, Marlene and Mal Anderson were hosts to the group at a brunch on Sunday at the Gathering Room in the Viewpoint Resort in Mesa. The fun continued with drinks, snacks, and conversations. Later, Marlene conducted a tour of her home in this resort community where everyone continued to share some stories about themselves to update the group on their lives.

On Monday, those who had not yet departed were invited to join the Markey's at the Marriott Hotel complex for a luncheon.

Finally and regretfully, the attendees dispersed and headed on their ways. Verdis was given a test run to the airport to help her avoid getting lost again. It was a fun time for everyone.

Standing, left to right: Hazel (Amacher) Carr, Marlene (Karstens) Niffenegger, Bill Kruse, Verdis (Golubickas) Johnson, Bob Olson, Dolores (Katz) Stoppelmoor, Bill Markey, Jackie Van Tour.

Seated: Goldie (Wells) Markey, Cleo (Snow) Venables, Marlene (Collins) Anderson, Kay (Kiel) Hockett

Seated, left to right: Bill Markey, Bob Olson, Chuck Carr, Mal Anderson, Terry Dynes, Larry Venables, Bill Kruse

Standing, left to right: Shirley (Walker) Dynes, Jackie Van Tour, Goldie (Wells) Markey, Cleo (Snow) Venables, Marlene (Karstens) Niffenegger, Judy (McKenna) Kruse, Nell Olson.

Seated, left to right: Dolores (Katz) Stoppelmoor, Verdis (Golubickas) Johnson, Hazel (Amacher) Carr, Marlene (Collins) Anderson, Kay (Kiel) Hockett

Text reported to Jim Buck by Hazel Carr and Marlene Anderson.

Fiftieth Anniversary Reunion a Great Success

Class of '51 photo

HHS Class of 1951 - Fiftieth Anniversary Reunion
Huron, SD - September 15, 2001

ROW 1 (L to R): Janis Smith Eddy, Cleo Snow Venables, Carol Allen Boyer, Barbara Habel Zacheis, Frankie Swett Shultz, Marjorie Link Campbell, Jacqueline Marone Kuhl, Marilyn Nelson Rollings, Shirley Johannes Heald.

ROW 2: Joan Gamber Gilbert, Beverly Kludt Wormstadt, Joyce Geiger Kingery, Norma Borah Marking, Hazel Amacher Carr, Kathryn Kiel Hockett, Darlene Mann Hutchinson, Dianna Tschetter Hofer, Norma Linderman Whitney, Marvilla Poulisse Rounds, Macy Piper Davis.

ROW 3: Dorothy Waldner Keller, Lois Mueller Nielsen, Arlene Gross Diede, Betty Marone Olson, Wanda Tschetter Kleinsasser, Stephanie Smith Mann, Carol Paye Pevestorf, Eleanor Baseman Wanner, William Markey

ROW 4: LaJune Randell Culver, Shirley Johnson Koth, Marlene Karstens Niffenegger, Keith Anderson, Norma Smalley Huisenga, Terry Dynes, William Kruse

ROW 5: Willard Anderson, John Hetlinger, James Buck, Harlan Mentzel

Not pictured (attended Friday night only): David Cleveland, Lyle Baker

Photo Copyright 2001 Landstrom's Photo Loft (Huron, SD)

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