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Dianna May Tschetter Hofer 1933-2020

Dianna May Tschetter Hofer

Dianna May (Tschetter) Hofer went to be with her Lord and Savior and was reunited with her beloved Stanley, on September 21, 2020, at the Fort Collins Good Samaritan Society.

She was born to Eli and Emma (Hofer) Tschetter in Huron, SD on May 14, 1933. On August 26, 1945, she was baptized by Rev. Jacob Freisen and became a member of Mt. Olivet Mennonite Church; where she was the choir director for over 30 years. She attended and graduated from Huron High School in 1951.

Dianna married Stanley Hofer on September 12, 1952 at the American Lutheran Church, with 450 family and friends in attendance. She was an amazing mother and homemaker.

She worked for Huron Public Schools for more than 25 years. Once she remarked, "Each day has its own highlights; some days it is the children and other days it's the adults. There is never a dull moment!"

With a creative, active and innovative spirit Dianna studied not only music - playing both organ and piano - but natural health remedies and diet as well: before it was trendy! Many hours spent tending her garden and plants were also a reflection of this unique spirit. Dianna was, at heart, a caregiver and an encourager: Whether she was teaching or caring for children. She loved the many children that called her Gramma D, but she had a special place in her heart for Jackson Riley Peck.

Dianna always put the needs of others ahead of her own, and never stopped thinking of how she could help and serve. Soon after the passing of her husband, she began traveling to San Diego in the summers to be at her brother, Loyal's side, helping him care for Paula. During these summers, she also found time to help care for her niece's small children and babies.

A very social person, she was active in several organizations. Her faith and relationship with Jesus were very important to her. Through her strong and unwavering faith, she helped and encouraged countless individuals.

Although her life changed drastically after her stroke, she still managed to keep smiling and joking with the staff at Good Samaritan. Several staff members remarked if they were having a bad day, they would seek out Dianna and she could turn their mood around. If the world was full of Diannas; what a wonderful world, it would be.

She is preceded in death by her parents and husband.

She is survived by her two children, Rickie of San Diego, CA and Sandra of Fort Collins, CO; brothers, Loyal Tschetter of San Diego, CA, Norm (Carol) Tschetter of Rapid City, SD and Don Tschetter of Rapid City, SD; sister-in-law, Francis Hofer of Redfield, SD; several nieces and nephews; and the numerous kids that called her Gramma D.

The family would like to extend their sincerest gratitude to the staff at Good Samaritan Fort Collins, for the loving care they provided for Dianna over the past nine years.

Huron Sonnets

Original poetry from Ronald Fingerson about his experiences during his HHS years:


That single length of track, two rails of steel
on wood beams, fifty yards long, twenty tears
high, each tie a heartbeat, amplified our fears
we'd hear a freight train, steel on steel squeal.

Cautious, tie by tie, toe heel toe heel, we
stepped our fears across that wood-steel span:
west east, east west, to from our unmanned
private retreat, Ravine Lake clique, dues-free.

Once across, amidst rocks and dry cow pies,
we stripped naked and dived into the cold
water: swimming, splashing, laughing, bold
and carefree, naked guys under naked skies.

Later, we sun-dried on the sun-browned grass:
backs, chests, and faces, sun-baked first-class.


Pinboys, we set pins for four teams, five men
each, at Red's Bowling Alley; each bowler had
three games, thirty frames, to feel great or sad:
splits, seven-ten, spares, nine ten, strikes, all ten.

Pinboys, we dodged flying pins, two lanes each,
returned balls, racked and reset the pins, alert
for ball two whose quick throw targeted us, hurt;
to hurt back, we rack-greased one hole each.

Pinboys, we set pins on school nights, seven
to eleven; teach-learn homework: theorems,
Latin verbs, sentence diagrams, who when
what why how were short-on-time problems.

Pinboys, we spent our gains on bubble gum,
comic books, poker, bits-o-honey -- awesome.


Thirteen, I squeezed Holstein udders near five,
dodged splattering cow pies and swishing tails,
separated the milk and cream, washed the pails,
shielded my eyes, and watched the sun arrive.

Eighteen, O Dairy sealed the milk and cream
in glass and sent me, house-to-house, to please
the ladies, after five, before sunup; please tease
the old in out, and the new out in; be a dream.

The Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Shepherds
were hardest to please; I used my wagging
tail routine: tongue out, sitting up, licking
faces, and honeying them with cheese curds.

After five, I ate devil's food cake with angel
ice cream, mom-made, my self-serve wangle.

Recent Photos

From Hazel Carr:

"September 22 at Steph's home in Shoreview, MN with Norma & Ralph Marking also Chuck and me. Thought you may like a pic of us girls!"

Hazel, Stephanie and Norma
(L to R): Hazel (Amacher) Carr. Stephanie (Smith) Mann, Norma (Borah) Marking

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