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Marlene Collins Andersen

I graduated from Huron College in 1955 with B.A. in Psychology. I was employed by South Dakota Department of Labor, Employment Security and I worked in Huron as a Vocational Counselor from 1955-1966. After obtaining my M.A. from South Dakota State University in 1967 in Guidance and Counseling, I was transferred by the State Department of Labor to Rapid City, where I later became the Manager of Job Services. Mal Andersen and I were married in 1968. I took retirement in 1981.

We had enjoyed vacation trips to Mexico for many years. Upon my retirement, we began wintering in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico to live six months of each year until 1993. We then began wintering in Mesa, AZ in 1994 and we liked it so much that we bought a home and moved down from Rapid City. We have lived here permanently since 1999.

We have two children, a son, Steve, and a daughter, Kristen. Steve and Nancy Kjellsen live in Watertown, SD with two of our grandchildren, Becky, 15 years, and Alex, 11 years. Steve works as a Court Services/Probation Officer and Nancy is a banker. Kristen Metli lives in Grand Junction, CO and she works for Wheeling Industries (steel). She has two sons, Mason, 24 years, works at a Public Radio Station in Grand Junction, CO, and Marshall, 22 years, is a student at St. Thomas University in St. Paul, MN.

Mal and I enjoy visiting with our many friends here in Arizona and I particularly enjoy the great weather for playing golf.

Address: 650 N. Hawes Rd #800

Mesa, AZ 85207



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