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Janis Smith Eddy

Married Ray Eddy in 1955 after he returned from Eniwetok, where he had served with the Atomic Energy Commission. Prior to that, I had attended the USD at Vermillion on a voice scholarship. We joined the Sioux Falls Public Schools system, and we attended summer schools for approximately ten years (until we felt that we might be as smart as the kids!)

We "Airstreamed" and "houseboated" during this period. At Class Reunion times, we seemed to be in school or at school conventions.

Ray passed away in 1983. I continued teaching until 1996, when with 41 years under the belt, I decided that perhaps I needed to stay home and learn how to cook. Hope to make it to our next reunion.

Address: 2608 W. 29th

Sioux Falls, SD 57105



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