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John Hetlinger

After HHS '51, I graduated from SD School of Mines (BS Chem), married, and in time had three girls and a boy - still all hanging around and generating grandchildren. I went to Navy OCS, then flight training, and then spent one tour flying P2V patrol planes off Okinawa. In '59 I entered the aerospace industry for 5 years, then left and entered the seminary for 4 yrs. (MDiv '68) and served 12 years in the Lutheran ministry. Then, following remarriage (gained 2 more girls!) I reentered aerospace in '80.

Marcy and I have lived in Broomfield (near Boulder, CO) for over 20 years. We have nine grandchildren, most of whom we see regularly, the youngest (3 yrs.) we see often! The 5 girls live all along the Front Range (Denver to Roswell, NM) and Brad operates his own investigation businesses in China - lives in Hong Kong.

I have had the pleasure of working such programs as the Apollo Saturn (moon lander), Hubble Space Telescope' instruments COSTAR (repaired HST vision) and STIS, and currently SBIRS (space based defense missile satellites) Cryo-radiators - managing several of these programs. I will probably retire in another year or so, but right now I am still having fun and am looking for something else to keep busy at (No, I don't golf or fish - I avoided those bad habits!)

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