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William D. Kruse

William Dean Kruse passed away on December 31, 2016. He will be missed.

Following graduation I worked construction jobs in Rapid City. When I turned 18 I worked for N.W. Bell as a construction lineman in Watertown, Litchfield MN, Arlington, Huron and Pierre. I attended Huron College for a year and a half and joined the USMC for three years and served in Japan, Korea, Okinawa and 29 Palms, CA.

I attended Santa Monica College for a year and transferred to UCLA for a BA in Radio & Television Production. I had the Korean G.I. Bill and supplemented that with small acting roles in T.V. series such as Playhouse 90, Studio One, Alfred Hitchcock Presents:, Wyatt Earp, Dobie Gillis, Adventures in Paradise, NBC Mystery Hour and screen tested for Tarzan (LIFE magazine, Jan. 1958).

After graduation I worked for KTVR Denver as a cameraman, projectionist, Sports Director, Sports Announcer and Director. I worked on a Masters degree at Denver University where I met and married Joan Robert from St. Louis.

I moved to KBTV, ABC Denver as a Producer/Director and Host of the Sunday Night Movie. Had Daughter Jean Marie. Moved to Ft. Collins and Colorado State University as Coordinator of Television Production. Had daughter Julia Ann. Had son John William. Completed Masters Degree in Communications. Had Son Joseph Thomas.

Received a Naval Reserve commission as a Public Affairs Officer. Had massive myocardial infarction. Separated from Joan. Completed Doctorate from University of Northern Colorado. Worked for ARAMCO, Saudia Technical Development Program in Dahran, Saudia Arabia, producing vocational training modules for non-college bound nationals. Married Judy McKenna. Had heart by-pass surgery.

Worked for Martin Marietta as supervisor of video production for the Strategic Defense Initiative at the National Test Bed, Falcon Air Force Base, Colorado. When the Soviet Union recapitulated, SDIO lost their funding and I retired to Ft. Collins to hunting, fishing, golf, tennis, 6 grandchildren and Space A travel worldwide on Military Aircraft.

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